- Jan 28, 2018
Viral trends in 2017 reveal the power of the Internet in inspiring businesses, as well as viral culture's ability to enhance representation for groups that are often under-represented in the mainstream media.

This past year, the unexpectedly viral fidget spinner meme ended up turning into a business for many brands. Examples of fidget spinners popping up on the market include the small spinning Vinci Ring, Spinneroo's connected fidget spinners, and Caviar's luxury fidget spinners.

One of the more impactful viral trends this year was the animated short film called Heartbeat, which was created by the design students Beth David and Esteban Bravo. The short animation quickly began trending on Twitter for its heartwarming representation of a young boy who has a crush on his male classmate – and it received praise for its endearing and inclusive depiction of young love.

From Fidget Spinners to Animated Short Films: