YouTube's Matt & Amanda Showed How to Win at Flipping Water Bottles

 - May 11, 2017
References: youtube
Matt & Kim, a married couple who do challenges for the sake of views on YouTube, played a bottle flip board game for the enjoyment of their fans.

The viral challenge that the board game is based off of has just one goal, however adding some finesse and distance make one's ability to have the thrown bottle stand upright all the more impressive. Although this might not be all that difficult in a normal setting, the extra challenges posed by the board game make the task a lot more taxing, as players have to make sure that the bottle lands within a small ring in order to progress.

As Matt & Kim demonstrate, the bottle flip board game is interactive, fun, and incredibly competitive -- with various other challenges within the game encouraging players to distract one another, throw the bottle in hilarious ways, and implement ridiculous props to keep things interesting.