Eh Bee Family's 'Pancake Art Challenge' is a Head-to-Head YouTube Bout

 - Oct 30, 2017
References: youtube
When people talk about the culinary arts, it probably isn't popular YouTubers the Eh Bee Family's 'Pancake Art Challenge' that they're referring to. But while the popular YouTube challenge video may not be exemplary of fine dining, it's not the food that draws viewers in; it's the personalities.

The Pancake Art Challenge has a simple premise: the YouTubers set up two skillets, with one kid stationed at each. Provided with a set of colored pancake batters, the kids compete to see who can fry up a more accurate representation of a few different images. They start by each trying to make a pancake that looks like a fidget spinner, but move into increasingly complex designs like the poop emoji, the heart eyes emoji, and Pikachu.