From Teen Pony Webseries to Model-Made Sportswear

 - Nov 25, 2017
Pop culture seeps through every facet of modern daily life, making it both inherently simple and yet perversely difficult to recognize the November 2017 pop culture trends. Like the old joke about the old fish asking the young one "How's the water today?" and the young fish answering "What's water?", pop culture is so ingrained in daily existence that it can sometimes be difficult to recognize it at all. But that's what this list is for.

Considering the afterglow of Halloween, many of the November 2017 pop culture trends are geared toward the spooky. Immersive zombie experiences, VR haunted houses, and morbid celebrity card games are just a few of the ghoulish trends in this month's list.

That said, Halloween is also (ostensibly) a holiday for kids, so the trends here are generous to the youth generation, including several products designed for a younger audience.