Tokyo's 'My Little Pony Cafe' Features a Colorful Cartoon-Like Menu

 - Oct 18, 2017
References: & en.rocketnews24
The 'My Little Pony Cafe,' a restaurant that was made in collaboration with Sweet Paradise, is the ideal destination to take young children who are fans of the cartoon franchise, and even some Millennials who are feeling a little nostalgic.

Located in Harajuku, Tokyo, the My Little Pony Cafe boasts a unique menu that makes use of the magical pony characters at every turn. For example, consumers can order the 'Rainbow Dash Cotton Cloud Candy Soda,' 'Twilight’s Magical Ice Cream Parfait,' and 'Pinkie Pie’s Pinkish Cupcake.'

In addition to the pony-themed dishes and drinks that are available, the cafe is decorated all over with the cartoon characters, making for a magically immersive experience that's sure to bring joy to fans.