From Princess-Inspired Runways to Pre-Digital European Streetwear

 - Jan 7, 2018
These 2018 fashion trends cover an array of styles, purposes and price points, with featured apparel ranging from retro streetwear looks that honor the subcultures from the 1990s, to futuristic styles that take inspiration from characters found in science fiction.

Perhaps one of the most unconventional accessories to be sported on the runway were the water wings that were boasted by the models who premiered the Duskii collection during the Australian Fashion Week events. Although the inflatable accessories are generally reserved for children who aren't yet able to swim on their own, the label used them to draw more attention to its swimwear designs, with the patterns on the water wings reflecting those on bikinis.

Also featured is the crystal-encrusted bodysuit from Gucci that was famously worn by Rihanna during Coachella. While the elaborately luxurious suit had already made its debut on the runway beforehand, the popstar's promotion of it caused it to really make headlines, with fans impressed by the icon's unique sense of style during the music festival.