The New STAFFONLY Collection Boasts Colorful Avant-Garde Looks

STAFFONLY STUDIO, an unconventional menswear brand that first opened up in 2015 with locations in London and Shanghai, recently debuted its Season 4 collection for the Spring/Summer of 2018.

The collection is dubbed 'CATCH MORE FISH,' and is reportedly inspired by a photography series from Brooke Didonato, "who captured people spending their own time by sitting in the field or by the windows during their daily routine." To promote the diverse range of apparel that makes up the collection, the studio launched a lookbook lensed by ZEE that highlights some of its most unique pieces.

Spotlighted in the lookbook are dramatic pleated pants and shirts that flow with their wearer, simplistic monochrome jacket and trouser combinations, as well as a range of boldly colored apparel that has a vintage athletic look.

Image Credit: ZEE