FYE is Introducing Real-Life Reptar Bars That Turn Tongues Green

 - Oct 12, 2017
References: hellogiggles
Millennials who grew up watching Rugrats and wishing for a taste of the Reptar Bar now have the chance to have their childhood dreams come true, as FYE (For Your Entertainment) is launching an edible Reptar Bar.

The Reptar Bar takes the form of a chocolate bar with green frosting inside. Just like in the 90s cartoon show, eating a Reptar Bar will turn one's tongue bright green. Along with its Reptar Bars, FYE is also rolling out a nostalgic Reptar Cereal.

As well as launching everything from cookware and home decor to high-end jewelry pieces to appeal to nostalgic kids of the 90s, a number of brands are making real-life versions of food and drinks that have only ever appeared in movies and cartoons.