- Jan 24, 2018
From sportswear made completely out of recycled materials to bike paths paved with recycled paper, these recycled material innovations show how meaningful upcycling is to brands and consumers.

Eco-conscious brands are creating new clothes, furniture, accessories and packing more every day, but these innovations are the most advanced uses of recycling so far. With the current environmental crisis, brands are starting to come up with new and exciting ways to re-use, reduce and recycle everyday items that are simply thrown away. These brands are selling everyday items that serve to minimize the size of landfills, lower carbon footprints and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.

These recycled material innovations are new to the market, but may soon be seen worldwide attempting to make the world a greener, healthier place.

From Eco-Friendly Sportswear to Paper-Paved Bike Paths: