The Recyclable and Biodegradable Water Bottle is Made Out of Waste

 - Nov 18, 2017
References: veganbottle & springwise
The makers of this biodegradable water bottle are trying to address plastic pollution by making it compostable. VeganBottle is a totally biodegradable and recyclable bottle manufactured by French packaging company Lyspackaging. The compostable bottle is made out of a plant-based bioplastic, providing an environmentally sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastic bottles.

Every aspect of the bottle, including the label and lid, can be composted. In 90 days the whole thing will break down. VeganBottles can also be recycled again and again into different forms of eco-friendly packaging.

The biodegradable water bottle is an example of how companies can reduce waste. Plastic pollution is a problem globally as well as in France, where 45% of plastic bottles aren't recycled.