Antonym's Baked Highlighter Compact is 100% Certified Organic

 - Nov 2, 2017
References: antonymcosmetics
Beauty brand Antonym is known for offering high quality and certified organic products, and its baked highlighter is not only free from harsh chemicals, but is also responsibly packaged. The highlighter is packaged inside of a bamboo compact, which can be recycled after use and is a safer alternative to plastic-based containers.

Antonym's baked highlighter is also ECOCERT certified, meaning it is safe for use on even the most sensitive of skin. The product features ingredients that have been sourced from farmers and boasts no harsh chemical agents.

This beauty packaging is not only eco-friendly in its approach but is also more durable, and aesthetically elegant than many similar solutions -- making it a favorite among both celebrities and famed beauty artists.