Ecologic Emphasizes Innovation in Eco-Friendly Product Packaging

 - Jan 19, 2018
References: modernfarmer
Julie Corbett faced a challenge in the very niche industry of eco-friendly product packaging production. Inspired by her daughter's school's zero waste policy, she sought out to implement functional and highly sustainable containers for a variety of products. Ecologic's design consists of an environmentally conscious vessel with a recycled paper outer shell that conceals a very thin, plastic and recycled liner. Corbett believed in the capacity of her design to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Ecologic's eco-friendly product packaging was further developed with the help of L'Oreal and Seed Phytonutrients. The companies aided the concept to be sustainable from a business perspective. The new design was made to be compostable (no glue), to withstand a hot shower environment and featured an updated plastic pouch that was 60% thinner than a typical plastic bottle.