- Feb 25, 2018
February 2018 eco trends reveal the increased integration of eco-friendly production into the alcohol industry, as well as an enhanced focus on creating green oases in urban areas.

An example of the former includes Silver Oak Winery's new state-of-the-art, sustainable facility–which aims to reduce water and energy use. Other examples include E6PR's compostable beer packaging, as well as Budweiser's renewed focus on green production–the company is aiming to use 100% renewable energy in production by the year 2025.

With urban spaces often being hotbeds of population-powered pollution, brands are aiming to reduce the environmental impact these areas have. Examples include the Plantagon's World Food Building, which is a building that contains farm-integrated designs, and the Recycled Park proposal which transforms plastic waste into a green oasis that floats on a river.

From Sustainable Wineries to Farm-Integrated Buildings: