The Flamenco Ice Tower is 31 Meters Tall

 - Jan 22, 2018
References: structural-ice & digitaltrends
The Flamenco Ice Tower in Harbin, China is a product from the collaborative efforts of an international team of Dutch and Chinese students, as well as a group of professors from different post-secondary institutions. It took two years to complete and it is the largest ice shell to date.

The structure is the design child of the traditional Chinese tower construction and the shape of the flamenco dress. The shell is 25 centimeters thick and 31 meters high. The material is essentially fiber-reinforced ice and is 100% sustainable as it is fully recyclable.

Relentlessly ambitious, the Flamenco Ice Tower project is a stepping stone to an even more challenging design—the studio has plans to use this technique to build an ice house on Mars.