- Feb 2, 2019
From next-gen aircraft designs to paper-based batteries, the top 2018 science trends share ideas big and small for a brighter future. In the last year, researchers unveiled eco-friendly vaccines for plants, solar-powered electric bikes, as well as various bandages and non-invasive devices to revolutionize the way medical patients are treated on an individual basis.

While many innovations in science and technology are not yet available for public consumption, there are plenty of health-centric breakthroughs that are now readily available for the average person to purchase and experience in the form of kits, apps and wearable devices.

Based on these innovations in science and technology, more innovations centered on concepts like waste reuse and reduction, sustainable energy and autonomous healthcare can be expected to have a ripple effect across multiple industries.

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From Solar-Powered Electric Bikes to Flat Camera Lenses: