The Graphair Filter Membrane is Hoping to Solve the Clean Water Crisis

 - Feb 19, 2018
References: & slashgear
The global water crisis is affecting millions of people around the world, but thanks to the CSIRO Graphair filter membrane, these issues may soon see a viable solution. Water pollution affects nearly all fresh waters sources in the world and while water purifiers exist, they often become clogged and impeded by chemical and oil based pollutants. This is where the CSIRO Graphair comes into play. The new water filter membrane is so effective that water samples from Sydney Harbor were safe to drink after passing through the membrane.

The Graphair filter membrane is made using renewable soybean oil and uses a new filter technique that replaces the complex multi-step water filtration process into a single step. The membrane filters water through the use of microscopic nano-channels, which allow water to pass through while catching pollutants in the water. The Graphair water filter separates itself from other filters with its ability to resist fouling and can therefore be used longer. Early tests have shown the water filter's ability to work even when coated in pollutants. The team behind the membrane hopes that this new innovation will help with the water crisis and are starting field trials in the next year.

Image Credit: CSIRO