- Aug 27, 2017
As the August 2017 eco trends demonstrate, restaurants and other food purveyors are warming up to the idea of more eco-friendly ways of doing business. No longer are they simply focused on the issue of food waste, but packaging is now receiving a great deal more attention.

Though a fairly new concept, meal kit delivery services are generating a great deal of waste. As a result, there have been efforts to make the services far more sustainable in the long run. One example is the recyclable shipping boxes from Hello Fresh, which are made from a blend of recycled and virgin fibers.

Beyond meal kits, takeout containers continue to be a major problem for large and small restaurants alike. Some of the eco-friendly initiatives that are combating this issue include La Tour Café's new wheat straw-based boxes, Handsome Her's to-go mug wall and Brooklyn's Shareware program.

From Sustainable Meal Delivery Kits to Reusable Takeout Containers: