This Home System Can Produce 35 Liters of Drinking Water a Day

 - Jul 15, 2017
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Researchers from the University of Bath are currently working on the development of a household water treatment (HWT) system that boasts the ability to produce about 35 liters of clean drinking water each day.

The low-cost HWT system is set to be able to provide clean drinking areas to regions where it is needed most, using an indoor solar light that mimics sunlight. The 3D-printed contraption takes inspiration from a 'SODIS Bottle' (SOlar DISinfection), which decontaminates water with heat and UV rays.

As this new system in development boasts no parts that can break, requires no power source and has the potential to make plenty of potable drinking water per day, the invention will provide great relief to developing areas that lack access to clean drinking water.