From Gelatinous Dessert Cubes to Nap-Enabling Apparel

 - Jan 14, 2018
Energy drink-infused sausages, haute couture wetsuits and color-changing cosmetic blushes are among some of the unmistakably unique ideas in 2018.

While many of these ideas may be simply written off as unconventional designs and quirky concepts, many of these thoughtful experiments aim to tackle pressing issues. Some of the best examples of the latter are the food-based, edible coffee cups served by cafes. While Sydney's Locals Corner offers a "carrot latte" served in a hollowed-out carrot drinking vessel, Truman Cafe's 'Avolatte' is presented to consumers in the skin of an avocado. While both cafes were quick to capture attention on social media, they also sparked meaningful dialogues about the future of food waste and single-use packaging.

Some of the other unconventional items to look out for in the year ahead include unconventional denim styles, odd food hybrids and niche workout classes.