ETH Zurich Developed an Ultra-Lightweight 3D-Printed Canoe

 - Jun 15, 2017
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Although the idea of using concrete for the creation of a watercraft that is designed to stay afloat might seem counterintuitive, ETH Zurich recently received a Design Innovation award at the 26th Concrete Canoe Regatta for its 3D-printed canoe design made with this material.

As part of the 26th Concrete Canoe Regatta, participants were challenged to create a concrete canoe that could successfully be sent down a river. The winning design, dubbed 'SkelETHon,' boasts a skeletal structure with "bones" cast in fiber-reinforced concrete. In all, the skeletal framework of the canoe weighs just four kilograms and boasts a three-millimeter-thick waterproof skin.

The design of this structure speaks to the great potential for 3D printing to be used to its fullest to recreate innovative new forms in the world of transportation, architecture and beyond.