- Jan 27, 2018
As much as any other item, furniture stands at the intersection of form and function, and the 2017 furniture products listed here tend to be the offerings that best managed to harmonize those two competing tenets. Designers approach furniture in many different ways, leading to pieces that alternatively fit within varied spaces; whether a Millennial carving out her first space in the heart of a city or a boomer looking for a new statement piece in his home, the furnishings listed here hold something for everyone.

No matter where people live, space is always valuable, and any furniture that maximizes it is bound to be a hit. That's why there are so many pieces with modular designs in the top furniture products of the year. By being able to shift and adapt into different configurations, modular furniture effectively gives people multiple furnishings while only occupying the space of a single item. This degree of flexibility is bound to be appealing in most homes.

From Greenery-Infused Tables to Fantasy Series Cat Furniture: