The 'Zero Per' Wooden Stool is Crafted from its Own Scrap Wood

 - Feb 24, 2017
References: yankodesign
The 'Zero Per' wooden stool is crafted from materials in a bid to help reduce the amount of fresh wood materials that are needed in order to craft it.

The 'Zero Per' stool features legs that have been cut from a single sheet of wood, which are designed to be assembled using traditional wood joining techniques. The seat is composed of scrap wood that is created by the construction of the legs in order to eliminate the need for virgin materials to be used for each and every component in the process.

The 'Zero Per' wooden stools feature the seat portion created using the scrap wood that has been broken up and merged with resin in a mold in order to create a modern final product.

The 'Zero Per' stool is the design work of Jang Won, Kyungsun Hwang, Min-a Kim and Hajin Yoon.