The Riva 1920 Earth Table is Made from Kauri Wood

 - Jan 31, 2017
References: & contemporist
Though the Riva 1920 Earth Table has a strikingly futuristic design motif, it is likely to be one of the oldest pieces of furniture in any consumer's collection. That's because the table is made from petrified Kauri wood, which comes from the eponymous ancient tree species native to New Zealand.

Kauri trees are conifers that live in the sub-tropical climates of New Zealand. They date back to the Jurassic period, approximately 190 million years ago. They are some of the biggest trees in the world, standing up to 70 meters tall and with trunks up to nine meters wide. Though many of the trees were felled by colonists, the few remaining today are preserved by the government.

Responsibly, the Riva 1920 Earth Table does not require felling any live Kauri. Rather, the table is made from 50,000-year-old petrified Kauri wood pulled up from a swamp. It is then encased in clear resin to create a unique tabletop.