The Batea Table Collection Features Removable Surfaces and Ample Storage

 - Sep 6, 2017
References: woodendot & designboom
Inspired by the functionality of traditional serving trays, the Batea Table collection features three unique tables with embedded storage and removable surfaces.

Each table is equipped with a detachable side tray that's both "easy to remove and use." If users have guests over for tea, the removable tray can make for a means of transportation, seamlessly carrying the filled cups from one room to another.

Of the three tables, the Batea S is the smallest, serving as a simple side table. Batea M, is a mid-size design with a small storage space under its tray. Lastly, the largest model, Batea L features a sliding tabletop that can extend, offering more space when necessary. Photo Credits: designboom, woodendot