Yemenite Stackable Stools Can be Stacked for Easy Storage

The Yemenite stackable stools are a series of four stools and a tray that can stack into a 'Totem' for versatile storage.

Designed by Shir Avraham as her final project at the Holon Institute of Technology, the collection is both decorative and highly efficient. Each stool is made from iron frame rods and pipes so the collection has a cohesive look, but the individual pieces each feature a slightly different look.

The collection was designed to fulfill the need for small space interior solutions. Many Millennials now live in smaller spaces that require hard-working, multi-functional furniture pieces. When stacked, the collection looks like a piece of modern art that can be tucked away when not in use. When the Yemenite stackable stools are taken apart, the accessories can be used as seating for guests or as small tray tables.