The PleatPod Serves as an Eye-Catching Solution to Noisy Offices

 - Aug 31, 2017
References: & aabios
The open-concept office is wonderful for encouraging collaboration and unity, but when it comes to silently working, annoyances may arise -- to combat this issue, one company developed an origami-like meeting pavilion, which can unfold to create a sound-proofed sanctuary.

The 'PleatPod' was developed by RMIT as a solution to the lack of private meeting rooms within most modern offices. The pop-up structure can unfold like an accordion, offering a sound-absorbing room that's ideal for holding meetings. Sound absorption aside, the meeting pod's colorful, angular exterior would complement even the dreariest of office spaces.

The enclosure was designed to sit somewhere between "architecture and a garment," offering a unique space that amends the flaws open-concept offices possess.