- May 14, 2018
Pavilion designs vary in accordance with their function and role in the city. The architectural structures are incredibly adaptable and convenient due to their often modular and temporary qualities. Some pavilion designs are oriented toward providing a life-saving function — the oasis-like Corten steel pavilion in the Jordan dessert that harnesses water and gives shelter from the seasonal elements to travelers, for example. Others are simply there for aesthetic pleasure.

However, it can't be denied that pavilion designs build a stronger community, whether that is through art or a cause. Merrett Houmøller Architects' pop-up kitchen pavilion caters food to refugees, while Other Architects and Ratallack Thompson's site-specific installation seeks to redefine spatial awareness for individuals. Whatever the purpose, it is apparent that pavilion designs actively engage the community through function and aesthetic.

From Curvaceous Wooden Domes to Peaceful Pine Lookouts: