Camposaz's Tara Lookout Offers Views of the Tarcu Mountains

 - Feb 9, 2018
References: archdaily
'Tara', a new lookout pavilion designed by Romanian architecture studio Camposaz, gives spectacular vistas of the local Tarcu Mountains. According to the architects, the viewpoint "explores the sensory perception of the environment and communicates with the symbolic and natural language of the elements," existing both on the environment and as a part of it.

In a sense, Tara is a simple structure. It's made almost entirely out of raw pine planks, making it look almost like a rudimentary cabin. However, that material simplicity belies the structure's intricate shape. It's designed with a complex, angular roof, a table in the pavilion fashioned from a portion of a tree trunk, and an elegant set of steps to help people climb the slope and enter the pavilion itself. All that might be impressive, but what's really impressive is the view that it culminates to provide.

Image Credit: Sebastian Apostol