From Panoramic Birding Huts to Super-Tall Office Towers

 - Feb 17, 2018
One could argue that the winter months are when architecture is most important, which would make the February 2018 architecture trends all the more compelling. Especially in the more northern cities in the world, February can be a brutal month that forces people indoors — as such, architecture centered around the well-being of people is of the utmost utility during the frigid month.

It should hardly be surprising that the February 2018 architecture trends feature plenty of chalets, cottages, and holiday homes that give people a respite from the weather. For those who lean toward taking advantage of all the snow and ice by engaging in winter sports, cabins like the one designed by I-kanda are perfect mountain escapes. On the other hand, a poolside patio like Delgada 1 is a more fitting option for those who'd rather escape winter altogether.