Endorfine Office's Home Design is Flipped for Two Different Volumes

 - Jan 22, 2018
References: archdaily
Endorfine Office, a Slovakian architecture studio, designed 3x3 Family Houses with an interesting quirk. The residence, which is on a single property, consists of two housing units that are virtually identical in terms of form. However, those buildings look entirely different from one another, because their layout is flipped: both have a series of connected cubes, but one stands vertically while the other lies horizontally.

The shape of the homes features three cubes which are offset from one another. For the bungalow unit, this provides a variable space that's more interesting to move through than with a standard rectangular form. For the three-storey unit, this shape leaves space for a balcony to extend from the third floor, using the roof of the second floor as a built-in support.