- May 23, 2019
These green wall design innovations range from urban jungle residences to contemporary plant wall units that are modular and easy to customize.

Standouts in the eco architecture realm include Aro Studio's Vietnamese townhome project which incorporates vegetation and other greenery into the building's facade while also designing interior spaces with indoor garden installations. Another notable example. the 'Modern Village Office' is another Vietnam-based architecture project, located in Da Nang. The building boasts an ivy-adorned facade and takes advantage of its year-long hot regional climate.

Other green wall design innovations include Tait's GardenWall Terrain -- a modular system that helps urban dwellers create indoor garden solutions for spaces of all sizes -- and the Mußler Beauty showroom by Notino Concept, which spotlights an eco living wall within a retail setting that coincides with the brand's clean beauty ethos.

From Urban Jungle Residences to Contemporary Plant Walls: