'Where Eagles Dare' is a Vacation Home Inspired by Avian Flight

 - Jan 16, 2018
References: archdaily
Eagles have long been inspiring to humans, with a large collection of countries claiming the species as their national bird, so it's nothing new that the architects behind 'Where Eagles Dare' took inspiration from the birds as well. The vacation home, which sits atop a crest on the Catalan island of Majorca, is designed to look as though it's constantly poised for flight, like an eagle about to soar on an updraft.

Like a bird of prey, the home is perched at the very edge of a cliff. Thanks to a cantilevered balcony, the home even extends slightly off the mountain ridge. Not only does this design contribute to Where Eagles Dare's dramatic appearance, but it gives the occupants of the home spectacular views of the valley below.