'The Wairarapa Haybarn' References Its Rural Locale

 - Jan 26, 2018
References: archdaily
Though 'The Wairarapa Haybarn' is a sleek, modern home, its design pays homage to the rural setting in which it sits. The home's gently slanted roof, supported by simple pine posts, is reminiscent of lean-tos used to keep hay dry for farming.

Aside from its referential nature, the home's slanted roof is important for the retired couple living there. The residents both had long careers as musicians, and the interior is shaped such that it naturally amplifies sounds through the living space. This makes it an ideal location for practicing, playing, and entertaining guests with their tunes.

The home's cottage-like layout is very intentional as well. The residents have a large extended family with several grandchildren, so that simple and inviting style makes it more open and welcoming for when the family comes around.