From Modular Rug Collections to Connected Home Appliances

 - Feb 25, 2018
These 100 February 2018 home innovations range from AI home robots to connected appliances and demonstrate the consumer's growing appreciation for tech-integrated spaces.

Both avid and novice chefs are sure to be drawn to the influx of connected kitchen appliances, such as Whirlpool's scan-to-cook microwave, which comes equipped with an interactive touch screen and AI learning abilities. In addition, brands like LG have experimented with smart kitchen technologies, such as its ThinQ Refrigerator, which allows users to see the contents of the appliance's interior, through a sleek window display.

Aside from technology, designers are continuing to incorporate vintage and modern design motifs to offer home owners a personalized space. This becomes evident when considering Front's Modular Rugs, or the Shrinkable Sofa.