The OXO FurLifter is Great for Garments and Furniture

 - Jan 25, 2018
References: amazon & gear.lifehacker
For as much as it's ultimately worth it to have a pet around the house, the OXO FurLifter is a necessary tool for dealing with one of pets' clear cons. The brush efficiently cleans up fur and lint on furniture and clothing, freeing up the darker colors in pet owners' wardrobes and re-opening that dinner invitation to their allergic friends.

The OXO FurLifter comes in two sizes. The smaller option is great for taking on the go, and a quick brush with it will pull the fur from most clothing. The larger is better suited to keeping at home for cleaning off furniture upholstery and carpets. Both models employ the same reuse mechanism, sliding into a holster that pulls lint and fur off the brush and deposits it in a chamber so it can easily be thrown away.