The MyLiFi is the First Smart Lamp to Deliver Internet to Your Computer

 - Jan 12, 2018
References: oledcomm & engadget
French company Oledcomm debuted its pioneering smart lamp at CES 2018. MyLiFi is a minimalist, industrial-style desk lamp, equipped with a broadband and a dongle to provide a secure, wireless and radio wave-free Internet connection to nearby devices. The data is transmitted through the bulb to the dongle via invisible, blinking LEDs, meaning that the smart lamp doesn't need to be turned on for online activity. It guarantees a top download speed of 23 Mbps and an upload speed of 10 Mpbs.

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) is a fairly new concept that provides faster speed Internet access than its predecessor Wi-Fi. It also promises that the security of the connection cannot be infiltrated, unless the hacker is in direct eyesight. Altogether, the innovative MyLiFi smart lamp is a perfect fusion of efficiency and modern furniture accessories.