- Feb 8, 2018
These office desk accessories are bound to brighten up one's day, ensure productivity levels are up and ease work flow. Although any job has the potential to be worthwhile, meaningful and fun, there are days when employees are stressed out or simply restless. In times like these, simple fidgeting desk toys or over-sized stress balls can be a likely solution.

While projection productivity screens ensure high levels of performance, glass-enclosed moss sanctuaries, stress-reducing desk gardens and hydration-monitoring water bottles take care of your well-being and comfort within the fast-paced and goal-driven work environment.

These office desk accessories -- from the convenient app-controlled coffee cups to the architectural desk organizers, will not only brighten up and ease one's mind during work hours, but they would also make exceptional gifts for coworkers.

From Anime-Inspired Terrariums to Writer's Block-Assisting Notebooks: