The 'Orbit20' was Made for Juvenile Jellyfish

 - Aug 25, 2017
References: amazon & mashable
You might have a harder time getting work done with one of these mesmerizing LED jellyfish aquariums sitting on your desk. Comparatively smaller than other variations, this tank is designed to house juvenile jellyfish, or other species that are even smaller.

This aquarium is perfect for those with little experience taking care of aquatic life, as it operates silently, and has a built-in filtration tank that's incredibly low-maintenance. Aside from its user-friendly features, this imaginative device serves as a uniquely pleasing desk accessory.

The embedded LED lights enable the user to alter the tank's color from the convenience of an accompanied smartphone app. In addition to the color features, the user can adjust the brightness of the tank, using the jellyfish home as a light source for those late nights in the office.