A Modern Pencil Case and Stand Have Been Modelled on the Form of a Hammock

 - Sep 4, 2017
References: hs2studio & behance.net
Holders of writing and drawing implements are typically quite simple in character, but that can't quite be said about this modern pencil case. While it does exude a minimalist beauty by its greyscale material choices and its purist curved form, there's an extra element of charm that makes the hs2 design set itself apart.

In the most notable sense, this modern pencil case, called the Hammock, can be strung up by a fine metal frame, making the whole thing hang. When it's unzipped and open, the object really does resemble a miniature of a suspended canvas bed. This pedestal keeps one's desk a little clearer, and prevents the contents of the Hammock modern pencil case from spilling out onto one's work surface. It's a delightful example of how form and function can be jointly addressed in a simple fashion to deliver a subtle bit of fun through an unexpected product.