This Dispenser Can Be Filled with Candies, Cereal or Granola

 - Aug 30, 2017
References: amazon & core77
Remaining properly nourished throughout the workday is an important, but sometimes it can be a taxing level of self-care to achieve -- to make things a little easier, OXO Good Grips designed a desk-friendly food dispenser, making a mid-day snack less of a tedious task.

The device can sit discreetly on one's desk, remaining out of the way and unnoticed until it is needed. The large canister is capable of holding 5.5 Quarts, with a wide chute that won't crush whatever snack one chooses to fill inside. The desk-friendly device assures users can remain well-fed throughout the day, taking multiple snack breaks, without decreasing productivity or getting in trouble with the boss, by taking various journeys to the lunch room.