From Cardboard Baby Cribs to Millennial Parent Restaurants

 - Jan 28, 2018
The Millennial parent is at the heart of many 2018 life stages trends, as they are the consumers of many innovative products and services for themselves, their children and their aging parents.

During all stages of life, value-conscious consumers are looking to invest in furniture pieces for the home that can adapt and transform to their ever-changing needs. This is exemplified in everything from transformative cots to multi-stage child beds and innovations like the LOHAS hospital bed, which can be reconfigured into a wheelchair. This life stages trend in particular speaks to Pro-Millennial parents who attended post-secondary school during the recession and accrued debt as a result.

To emphasize its entertainment centers and restaurants as modern, family-friendly venues, Chuck E. Cheese was revamped to offer an improved experience. In the coming year, many companies will be refining the ways in which they design and market to different Millennial segments.