A Conceptual Crib Was Designed to Grow Babies in Your Living Room

 - Jun 27, 2017
References: artez.nl & fastcodesign
Surrogacy is on the rise in the United States, inspiring students from Artez Product Design Arnhem to conceptualize home-integrated baby incubators -- a controversial and futuristic envision that allows a child to develop from the comfort of their parents' living room.

The Par-tu-ri-ent pod is an artificially intelligent and Internet connected incubator with a clear lid for expecting parents to assess the growth of their child. This creation eliminates the costly and sometimes emotional process of involving a third person in your child's birth. The device allows for children to grow healthily outside of the womb, offering consumers an at-home solution to infertility.

The project aimed to visualize the consequences of the progression of bio-technology and depicts a future that integrates human evolution with convenient home design.