- Jan 28, 2018
Celebrity fashion trends offer the average consumer insight into the future of retail and design, as trendsetting stars often popularize the future's finest fashions. This list is comprised of a mix between campaigns that leveraged a celebrity's social status to increase its brand awareness and a collection of celebrity-led clothing lines that were launched this year.

Ashley Graham's empowering Swimwear Essentials Line launched this year, which offered women of all sizes a collection of stylish and sultry bathing suits. Graham often uses her celebrity platform to advocate for inclusivity within the design world, resulting in the immediate success of her line. Other celebrities took to social media to promote their brands, with the most prominent example being the singer FKA Twigs, who created a zine on Instagram, and uses the platform to retail her sleep-themed apparel line.

Many of these examples include products and apparel released through Rihanna's Fenty X Puma collaboration, which dominated the fashion and retail world with consistent product releases, from jelly pool slides, to colorful faux-sherpa jackets.

From Soccer Star Sneakers to Socialite Bikini Collections: