From Plant-Based Formula to Infant Health-Monitoring Wearables

 - Jan 13, 2018
These top baby trends in 2017 range from all-natural solutions, to tech-infused wearables, presenting parents and care takers with a myriad of valuable tools, which cater to their unique child-rearing needs. Whether it's a carefully formulated diaper cream that protects a child's sensitive skin, or a baby-specific clothing subscription box for the parent on-the-go, these products and services are sure to appeal to anyone raising a baby, no matter how niche or specific their needs are.

Large corporations have begun to emphasize comfort and sustainability, offering parents healthy and all-natural alternatives to traditional, mass-produced items. For example, Walmart's Parent’s Choice Premium Diaper is now lined with sustainable pulp, making for a soothing and conscious diaper product, while LUSH has introduced a bath bomb that was specifically crafted for an infant's sensitive skin.

Those looking to turn to technology to make their lives a little more convenient were faced with a wide assortment of offerings, as products like Lifetone's discreet wearable tracker, enables a parent to remotely track their child's vitals. Other tech-infused offerings include Mattel's AI baby monitor, which functions as a digital care taker, while Toys "R" Us began retailing an audio tracking baby bracelet, called the babble band. In addition to making matters more convenient for the parent, these technological innovations offer both peace of mind and constant connectivity to one's child, even while they're resting in a nearby room.