The 'Hugsy' Blanket Mimics a Parents Presence to Soothe Infants

 - Oct 20, 2017
References: hugsycomfort & yankodesign
It's often said that there's nothing quite as soothing and effective for infant development than a mother's (or parent's) touch, so the 'Hugsy' blanket has been designed to offer a way to mimic this when parents aren't present. The smart blanket works to provide the infant with warmth, a heartbeat and even scent that all create the feeling of a parent being with them. This could come in hand for helping children to fall and stay asleep or for when a parent simply isn't around to offer support.

The 'Hugsy' blanket is the design work of Sylvie Claes and helps to provide an enhanced level of support for children to keep them as healthy as possible.