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While infants and toddlers may not be able to actually purchase goods, that doesn’t mean that brands aren’t working their hardest to capture their attention. From infant marketing techniques to innovations surrounding baby products and toddler technology, Trend Hunter’s babies category offers insight into world of teeny, tiny consumer audiences.
Matching Mom-and-Baby Apparel
Matching Mom-and-Baby Apparel
Posh Peanut's Matching Family Collections Highlight Fun Prints
E-commerce brand Posh Peanut specializes in stylish clothing for new parents and babies, and is best known for its matching Mom & Daughter, Mom & Boy and Family Matching collections. The... MORE
Ultra-Protective Car Seats
Ultra-Protective Car Seats
The BabyArk Child Car Seat is Positioned as the World's Safest
The BabyArk child car seat has been designed by Frank Stephenson as a protective solution for drivers with children to use when looking to keep their little ones as safe as possible. The car seat is... MORE
Organic Crib Mattresses
Organic Crib Mattresses
Avocado Green Mattress Released a Sustainable, Non-Toxic Crib Mattress
Avocado Green Mattress, which specializes in creating 100% organic certified natural mattresses, pillows and bedding, is now introducing an Organic Crib Mattress that’s non-toxic, safe and... MORE
10 Baby Skincare Innovations
10 Baby Skincare Innovations
From Gentle Sunscreen Sticks to Toxin-Free Newborn Creams
These baby skincare innovations range from gentle sunscreen sticks to toxin-free newborn creams. Standouts include erbaviva’s Baby Sun Stick, a conveniently packaged product and water-... MORE
Baby Development-Tracking Apps
Baby Development-Tracking Apps
The 'Marble' App Streamlines the New Parent Experience
Welcoming a new baby is usually fraught with uneasiness amongst parents as they work to help the little one develop as best they can, so the ‘Marble’ app is focused on helping with the... MORE
Low-Cost Smart Diapers
Low-Cost Smart Diapers
MIT Created an Affordable Diaper Embedded with an RFID Tag
MIT created a smart, affordable diaper that includes an RFID tag to sense and wirelessly alert caregivers when wetness is detected. The creation combines a common diaper material with RFID technology,... MORE
Private Infant Sleep pods
Private Infant Sleep pods
The SlumberPod is a Travel-Friendly Infant Sleeping Solution
The SlumberPod is a privacy-focused infant sleeping pod designed to simplify the sleeping process for newborns and toddlers at home or while on the road. This portable private sleep nook was... MORE
Calming Animal-Themed Soothers
Calming Animal-Themed Soothers
The Fisher-Price Soothe & Go Giraffe Helps Babies Sleep Soundly
The Fisher-Price Soothe & Go Giraffe is a portable soother that is equipped with sounds and soft music that help fussy babies fall asleep faster. The giraffe-shaped device features 10 audio... MORE
Picky Play
Age-appropriate elements of play are brought into mealtime for picky eaters
Trend - In an effort to prevent children from developing poor eating habits, products that leverage age-appropriate mealtime interactivity and play are coming to market. This speaks to the desire that parents have to use tools to instill healthy eating habits in their kids proactively, rather than in a corrective way.
Workshop Question - How can your brand help your consumer be more proactive about thwarting bad habits?
Virtual Decorating Platforms
Virtual Decorating Platforms
Design Squad Caters to Millennial & Gen Z Parents
buybuy BABY partnered with its sister brand Decorist to create Design Squad, a new one-stop source for nursery design,  inspiration and shopping. The virtual decorating platform promises to be... MORE
Transformative Baby Cradles
Transformative Baby Cradles
FEIT's NINA Baby Cradle Turns Into a Drawing Table for Later Life
FEIT’s NINA baby cradle is constructed from a solid wood frame, pure wool and a coconut fiber-filled mattress, offering a naturally crafted way to soothe young ones to sleep. The cradle helps... MORE
Kid-Friendly Chickpea Sticks
Kid-Friendly Chickpea Sticks
Munchy Fingers by Ella's Kitchen Nourish Kids Nine Months and Older
Ella’s Kitchen is introducing a new product called Munchy Fingers that take the form of snackable chickpea sticks. The organic, chickpea-based snacks are easy for kids ages nine months and... MORE
Cream-to-Powder Baby Products
Cream-to-Powder Baby Products
Pipette's Baby Cream to Powder is an Alternative to Baby Powder
Just as there are transformative product formulas within the cosmetic space that go from one state to another upon application, Pipette is introducing an innovative, talc-free alternative to baby... MORE
Prenatal Multivitamin Gummies
Prenatal Multivitamin Gummies
OLLY's The Essential Prenatal Multi Boasts Folic Acid and DHA
The Essential Prenatal Multi by OLLY is a prenatal multivitamin that is offered in a convenient gummy candy format. The candy-like vitamin boasts a citrus flavor profile consisting of clementines,... MORE
Antioxidant Prenatal Supplements
Antioxidant Prenatal Supplements
USANA's Prenatal CellSentials Mix Supports a Healthy Pregnancy
USANA’s Prenatal CellSentials supplement kit consists of the brand’s Prenatal Vita Antioxidant and Prenatal Core Minerals formulas. The kit fuses powerful ingredients to support a... MORE
Ultra-Lightweight Strollers
Ultra-Lightweight Strollers
Goodbaby's Carbon Fiber Stroller Only Weighs 3.9 Kilograms
For ease of mobility, parents need lightweight strollers that are easy to maneuver, especially since some spaces have more accessible designs than others. Goodbaby Group recently introduced its... MORE
Ergonomic Infant Seat Handles
Ergonomic Infant Seat Handles
The 'LugBug' Car Seat Handle Extension Enhances Comfort
The ‘LugBug’ car seat handle extension is an accessory for parents that will offer them a way to enhance their comfort and ergonomics when out of the house with an infant. The handle... MORE
Futuristic Birthing Chairs
Futuristic Birthing Chairs
Ultima Thule is Designed to Make a Sanctuary-Like Experience for Labor
After finding that her own birth experience in a hospital maternity ward made her feel like a “medical object,” London-based architect Stiliyana Minkovska created a series of birthing... MORE
Absorbent Diaper Pads
Absorbent Diaper Pads
Sposie Booster Pads Increase the Absorbency of Diapers & Training Pants
Sposie makes diaper pads that can be added to regular diapers and training pants to nearly double their absorbency. The dad-created consumer brand offers these diaper accessories to help consumers... MORE
Virtual Motherhood Communities
Virtual Motherhood Communities
Motherhood Maternity is Virtually Bringing Moms-to-Be Together
On top of the uncertainty of this current time, first-time moms-to-be are experiencing plenty of changes on their own and in many cases, they’re having to do so without the usual amount of... MORE
Supportive Parenting Platforms
Supportive Parenting Platforms
Healthynest Democratizes Families' Access to Experts & Resources
Healthynest is a new resource that was created for expecting and new parents who are looking to support babies’ developing brains and bodies, especially during the critical early years.... MORE
Dairy-Free Baby Food Pouches
Dairy-Free Baby Food Pouches
Ella's Kitchen Makes Breakfasts, Yogurt & Pudding Dairy-Free for Kids
Ella’s Kitchen is venturing into Dairy-Free for kids with the creation of breakfast, yogurt and pudding products that cater to a range of age groups. Now, parents can purchase products made... MORE
play_circle_filled Baby-Targeting Sleep-Inducing Car Features
Baby-Targeting Sleep-Inducing Car Features
Mercedes-Benz Boasts the Baby Protocol to Help Parents
The Baby Protocol is the name of a clever innovation by Mercedes-Benz who has decided to assist new parents in their quest to establish a healthy sleep schedule for their infant. The Baby Protocol... MORE
Newborn Infant Air Purifiers
Newborn Infant Air Purifiers
The Conceptual 'PURIO' Air Purifier Delivers Fresh Air for Babies
The conceptual ‘PURIO’ air purifier is a health-focused solution for new parents that will enable them to keep their newborn protected from pollutants as they go about their daily routine.... MORE
play_circle_filled Portable Miniature Sanitizers
Portable Miniature Sanitizers
The 59S Mini Sterilizer Uses No Heat, Water or Harmful Chemicals
Munchkin’s 59S Mini Sterilizer is a compact and fast-acting device that uses UV-C light to eliminate bacteria, viruses and germs from small baby items like pacifiers and bottle tops. The... MORE