Vision Direct's Baby Sight Tool Helps Parents Understand a Child's Vision

 - Jun 26, 2017
References: visiondirect
Ever wondered how babies see the world? Vision Direct, Europe's leading online retailer for contact lenses, recently released a new interactive app to help parents understand how their child's eyes develop over the first year.

The Baby Sight Tool allows you to move from a newborn's view of the world to a fully developed 12 month old. The app gives you an idea of a baby's field of vision, color awareness and depth perception.

Newborns are able tosees shapes, shades of grey, light and movement. At five to six months, colors become clearer and babies can understand different shades. At 11-12 months, a baby's vision is almost as it will be as an adult, quickly focusing on objects and tracking them. This app also helps parents learn about healthy vision development in babies by providing helpful tips by each month. For example, in the first few months, parents can help babies distinguish different colors by hanging different colors in the nursery.