- Jun 24, 2017
While many people have suggested that the increasingly reliance on cell phones has made consumers less social, the June 2017 mobile app trends reveal that apps can actually be a powerful way for people to connect.

One of the unique ways that people are bonding via their phones is through workout apps that bring together those with similar fitness goals. These apps not only build a sense of community, but they even help bring together individuals who can cheer each other on in real time. One example of a social fitness app is Gixo, which allows users to set up virtual group workouts anytime. Gymder is another such app that users a Tinder-style interface to help each user find a workout buddy.

Whether the connection is taken offline or stays virtual, the June 2017 mobile app trends make clear that apps can be instrumental in connecting consumers.

From Communal Workout Apps to Like-Minded Friend-Finding Apps: