The ImpactVision App Uses Hyperspectral Images to Fight Food Waste

 - May 29, 2017
References: impactvi & thefoodrush
ImpactVision is taking advanced imaging technology and applying it to the huge problem of food waste with hyperspectral imaging. Every object on the Earth has a unique spectral fingerprint just as unique as the fingerprint on your thumb. ImpactVision's technology is providing a rapid and non-invasive mechanism to assess food quality attributes during the production process in real-time.

The possible applications of this technology are endless. Initially, the start-up is focusing on B2B clients. Any object that absorbs and reflects light can be measured in this way. For example, you can assess ripeness of fruits with a "FruitCam" software package and decide which one should be shipped across the world and which should be shipped to a local store. A "FishCam" software package can detect the difference between fresh fillets and those that have been frozen. A "MeatCam" package provides information about freshness and shelf life.

If hyperspectral cameras are to be built into smartphones of the future, we will have a superpower in our hands; it will be possible with a click of a button to scan the food and understand if we can eat it or not.