- Aug 30, 2017
These sustainable produce innovations range from low cost boutique grocers to food-preserving smart stamps that monitor food freshness levels effectively.

While more consumers are embracing healthy lifestyle choices, food waste continues to be a major issue across the globe. This can be largely attributed to consumers' desire for aesthetically pleasing produce -- leaving misshapen or "ugly" produce to be discarded despite its nutritional value.

Food rescue snack brands like Spare Fruit and a wonky produce delivery service by Oddbox are just some of the startups aiming to make a difference by encouraging consumers to stop judging food by its appearance, and to start focusing on its nutritional value instead.

Other sustainable produce innovations to note include food rescue restaurants specializing in dishes made with soon-to-expire fruit and vegetables, along with raw juice brands that make use of ingredients that would otherwise go to waste.

From Low Cost Boutique Grocers to Food-Preserving Smart Stamps: